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According to an OOIDA press release and an article in Land Line Magazine, the FMCSA is taking a closer look at a proposal made by OOIDA regarding the current hours-of-service regulations. As stated in the press release, “The Association’s members have often pointed out to their representatives in Washington, DC that current regulations are overly complex, provide no flexibility, and in no way reflect the physical capabilities or limitations of individual drivers.”  The members have also shared their concerns about drivers being on the road when they are tired, their schedules being at the mercy of shippers and receivers, and additional obstacles that create a conflict between operating safely and in compliance. With the increased number of regulations, it is encouraging to know that OOIDA is strongly pushing for regulations that take into account limitations that drivers often encounter.

OOIDA’s petition recommends:
  • drivers be allowed to take rest breaks once per 14-hour period for up to three consecutive hours as long as the driver is off-duty
  • eliminating the 30-minute break requirement

OOIDA’s president, Todd Spencer stated, ” We look forward to the agency’s response to our petition and to seeing what they recommend in their notice.  We think our proposal is a solid start, but we are open to ideas in how to make the regulations into something that is truly safe and addresses the flexibility needed for long-haul truckers.”


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